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“Everything we sell is organic, locally sourced, and guaranteed to blow your mind.” – Kim Driver

As part of Pure Blonde’s commitment to organic and healthy living, we are showcasing organic business across the country.  

Northside Fruit & Vegetables is a Melbourne based wholesale produce supplier.

Beginning in 2016, Northside was founded by lifelong friends, Kim Driver and Michael Buchanan.

“We grew up in North Fitzroy together and have been mates for as long as I can remember. Between us, we have the knowledge and connections to make a really difference to the produce industry.” – Michael Buchanan

Northside Fruit & VegeThree days a week, the pair head out to the local farms and get their produce from the source, taking the time to speak to each of their suppliers to find out what’s growing well and ensuring they are only selling the tastiest fruit and veg. Today, they are delivering over 400 varieties of produce year-round.

“Now that the restaurants and cafes are closed, these farmers were all sitting on this produce, that is just f*cking delicious, and it was gonna go to waste.” – Kim Driver

But boys have been resilient.  

“This wasn’t a time for people to stop eating good, fresh food. Now more than ever, we believe that everyone needs to be looking after themselves.” – Michael Buchanan

North Side Fruit & Veg-51.JPGNorthside has since opened their business up to homes across Melbourne. They are committed to delivering the same fresh, organic and locally sourced produce that they have become known for – only now it is direct to the home.

“We can’t control when the lockdown is going to end. No one can. So we just have to do what we can to help the people who rely on us, and try to adjust what we can.” – Kim Driver

You can learn more about Northside Fruit & Veg or sign up for delivery at their website: