355ml bottle
375ml can

Pure Blonde Premium Mid

Bright, light and aromatic. True to Pure Blonde style, this contemporary lager is the ultimate midstrength brew at just 3% ABV.

With 80% less carbohydrates than regular beer and 50% less calories than wine per mL*, this easy drinking beer is brewed longer to break down more natural sugars and deliver a pure crisp taste. 

*50% less calories than wine per ml, based on average calorie content of the leading 100 Wine SKUs in Australia. IRI-Aztec wine data, MAT 31/01/15

Product Range

355mL Bottle, 375mL Can

Tasting Notes

Alcohol by volume
3% ABV
15 BU (Bitterness Unit)
A fresh green hop aroma, mild and well-rounded palate with a bright golden glow.
Light seafood and chicken dishes are a perfect match. Try Pure Blonde Mid with grilled fish and zucchini & quinoa salad.
Designed for drinkability, this lager is brewed with Cascade variety hops, pale malted barley and traditional lager yeast to give it a light bitterness and delicate finish. Refreshingly easy drinking.